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Monday, April 11, 2011


This has been the most amazing, devastating, joyful week of what quite possibly could be my entire life. The events: A deeply soulful, uniquely wonderful friend died in an accident, leaving behind a 2-year-old son and a community sadded by the vacuum created by his death. Friends wondering how they'll go on without his acceptance, love, laughter and "Toddy" bear hugs. Friends who will be better people not only to honor his legacy but also because they've learned his way of living is indeed a better way.

The day of his visitation, my husband was offered a second interview for a job in another state - a job and opportunity we've worked for and wished for the last 15 years. A job that will take us from many of those we love.

Also on that day, a friend published the story of my son's diagnosis of epilepsy. Is it simply irony that we moved home just before our son was diagnosed and reached closure on the day we found out we could leave?

I don't think so. I felt God's presence and knew, for the first time in a long time, he hadn't abandoned me.

This all leaves me fairly jumping out of my skin. At the prospect of change. Of overwhelming love. Of thankfullness. Of complete amazement of one day in my life where its pieces came together in the most amazing ways.

Because the spoken word failed to adequately express thoughts and feelings nearly bursting my seams, on that day, 4.4, I wrote the first poem I've written in a very long time. It may not be literary greatness, but it's mine.

This is the most amazing day.
I saw beauty in tragedy.
In loss. In change.
And I saw tragedy.

I lifted someone up.
I hugged friends new and old.
I said goodbye the last time
And welcomed new life.

I shared a story of walking in the Valley
and making it the other side.
I opened hearts
And healed my own.

On this most amazing day
I'm OK. For the first time in a long time
On this day. This day of fullness.
Of tears. Of laughter.
Of celebrating life and honoring country, father and the Father.

I heard the song. I saw
the light. And I thanked
God for you and my life.
For telling me everything's gonna
be all right.

It is on this day
I realize He has carried me, not foresaken me.
He answered my prayer!
He gave me what I needed
Even when I didn't want it.

I felt His presence this amazing day.
And his, who will tomorrow lie in Earth.
On this day, I am given the promise
of new life. And I am blown away.
I am in awe! I glow with the love and peace and
connectedness of this day.
This transfixing, transformational, most amazing day.

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  1. Sorry about your loss. Remember that change is good. It's often challenging but it's also when you truly grow. And your photo is beautiful. Good luck, I'm sure this journey will be amazing.